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This document outlines some common questions that CarryAm users are expected to have as they interact with the platform; the answers are also provided. These questions, which will be prominently displayed on the CarryAm web and app portals in a FAQs section for easy access, have been designed to also help ease the work load on CarryAm’s customer care personnel.

These FAQs will be continuously updated.

I. Sender FAQs

1. How do I send items through CarryAm?

Sending items or goods through the CarryAm platform is easy; just follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Register as a sender
  • Step 2: Click on the ‘Create new shipment’ button
  • Step 3: Input the following shipment details:
    • a. Item category and sub-category
    • b. Item image, with the specific or estimated item size
    • c. Pick-up and drop-off locations, including receiver’s name and phone number
    • d. Estimated shipment rates
  • Step 4: Post shipment

2. How do I pay for logistics services?

Payment for logistics services can be done using any one of the payment channels below:

  • Online card payment
  • Electronic funds transfer
  • CarryAm wallet
  • Cash-on-delivery

3. How do I fund my CarryAm wallet?

A sender can transfer money from his bank account to his CarryAm wallet and vice versa.

4. If I have any issues with my shipment, do I contact the carrier or CarryAm?

For issues and complaints, contact CarryAm on contact@carryam.com . We have a dedicated team of customer care personnel who will attend to you and resolve the issues.

5. How do I track my shipment if the driver’s phone is off?

If you can’t reach the driver delivering your item, contact CarryAm customer care.

6. What should I do to get more bids from carriers?

Upgrade your shipment by placing it on the featured shipment listings. This will make your item more visible to carriers.

You should also consider increasing the amount you are willing to pay as logistics fee.

7. Do I get notified when bids are placed on my shipment?

Yes. You are notified via emails and in-app messages.

8. Are there any prohibited items which should not be shipped through CarryAm?

Yes. The items include, but are not limited to:

  • Arms and ammunitions
  • Exotic animals
  • Counterfeit currency and stamps
  • Stolen property
  • Human remains and body parts
  • Narcotics

9. Does CarryAm have pick-up and drop-off points?

Yes. Though senders can input pick-up and drop-off locations of their choice, they can also pick up or drop off their items at any CarryAm Agent or office closest to them.

10. What is the difference between Urgent shipments and Featured shipments?

Urgent shipments are shipments that need to be shipped and delivered urgently, probably within 24 – 48 hours.

Featured shipments appear on the top of the global shipment listings. They attract more bids and are easily visible to carriers.

II. Carrier FAQs

1. Does CarryAm operate its own delivery vehicles?

No. At the moment, all pick-ups and deliveries are done by independent carriers with vehicles registered on the platform.

2. How do carriers get paid?

Carriers get paid through the CarryAm wallet, which is credited with the agreed logistics fee within 48 hours after delivery is confirmed. The carrier can then transfer the money from the wallet into his bank account.

3. How do I register as a carrier?

Registration is done by following the steps outlined below:

  • Step 1: Click on ‘Become a carrier’ on the home page. This opens the ‘Sign up’ page
  • Step 2: On the sign up page, you can either register using a registered email address or using your social media accounts
  • Step 3: To register / sign up with your email, input your name (first and last names), registered email address, and password.
  • Step 4: Check your email to confirm your registration.

4. How long before a carrier’s account is verified?

The details listed below are needed for verification:

  • Profile details
  • Business details
  • Address book
  • Equipment
  • Services
  • Transporting
  • Shipment rates

Once the above details are provided in the ‘Account settings’ section of the carrier’s dashboard, the account is verified within 24 hours.

5. How do I place bids on shipments?

Click on an available shipment to view the shipment details. On the ‘shipment details’ page, click on the ‘Place bid’ button to place bids.

6. Who can become a carrier on the CarryAm platform?

Any individual or corporate body with any number of vehicles or equipment to be used for deliveries can become a carrier

7. Do I get notified when a sender posts a new shipment?

Yes, via emails and in-app notifications.

8. How much insurance must I have to become a carrier on CarryAm?

Though having an insurance policy is a mandatory requirement for carriers, there are no minimum amounts. But the amount of insurance a carrier possesses determines what that carrier can place bids on.

9. Can I register my equipment on CarryAm?

Yes, you can. You do that in the ‘Equipment’ section of your carrier dashboard

10. Who pays for items damaged or stolen while in my possession?

All items or goods shipped through the CarryAm platform must be insured.

III. Agent FAQs

1. Who is a CarryAm agent?

There are two types of agents – the Referral agent and the Logistics agent. The referral agent is someone who promotes and markets the CarryAm platform and solution to others, while the logistics agent partners with the platform to provide warehouse and storage facilities and act as a pick-up and drop-off point for carriers and senders.

2. How do I become a CarryAm agent?

Register as an agent – referral or logistics – on the platform. Referral agents must have an internet-enabled mobile phone, while logistics agents must have a storage space which will be inspected

3. How do agents earn on CarryAm?

Referral agents earn commissions on each logistics fee a referrer pays on the CarryAm platform. Logistics agents earn commissions on items stored in the warehouses. The commissions are paid into the agent’s CarryAm wallet; the agent can then transfer the money into his bank account.

4. Are agents required to have insurance?

Logistics agents are mandated to have an insurance policy. The amount of insurance determines the kind of goods he can have in his warehouse.

5. Can an agent also operate as a carrier?

Yes. But the agent will need to create a separate account as a carrier.

6. How long before I become verified as an agent?

Only logistics agents require verification. Once we confirm you have an insurance policy and adequate storage space, you are verified within 48 hours.

7. What kind of support does CarryAm provide agents?

Verified agents are empowered with tools, skills and knowledge they will need to act as CarryAm agents. Agents also gain easy access to CarryAm promotional events.

8. What is the difference between a referral agent and a logistics agent?

A referral agent promotes and sells the CarryAm solution, while a logistics agent provides warehousing facilities and acts as pick-up and drop-off points for senders and carriers.

9. What happens to an unclaimed item in my warehouse / store?

Any unclaimed item within a specific period will be returned to CarryAm and the item will be shipped back to the sender.

10. Are agents limited in their area of operations?

No. Senders choose where they want their items dropped off.

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